“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”  -- Walt Disney


Moving forward isn’t always fun, but our next step in moving forward is a literal move. While we’re staying here in Dallas, and really not going far from our condo, it’s time for us to get back into a house. We need the space (a third bedroom for visiting grandparents is a must when they all live far away), and a yard so the dogs can start “walking themselves” again.

Moving allows for a reassessment of things many of us should do more often. Do you really need that old shirt or pair of pants that you hope you’ll fit into again one day? Do you really need whatever this knick or knack is that’s been in the closet for the entire three years since your last move? It also allows for a personal reassessment; am I really ready to be a Dad? Am I certain Patrick is ready? Are we confident enough in our relationship to handle a baby?  I know the answers are yes to all of these.

The new house will give us all the things we need to pass the home inspection, which is our next big step in this process. In the State of Texas you have to prove to a social worker that not only are both of you ready for an adoption but that your home is ready also.

I know we’re ready. I hope you’ll share our story and help us connect to the baby God has planned for us.


x D