Dear Prospective Birth Mother,

We are Patrick’s father and step-mother.  

Our fear is that you will not seriously consider a same-sex couple for adoption of your child.  We’d like to tell you why this would be a mistake.  

Patrick and Dan have a steady work history, and will be able to provide for the needs of your child.  They have a strong Christian faith, and a very strong circle of friends and family that will provide support for their child.  Watching Patrick and Dan together, we have seen a strong commitment for each other as a couple, and their love has grown stronger with time.  They have recently taken on the role as God Parents for the children of a friend, and this has seemed to bring out the parental desire even stronger.  

We would urge you to allow these wonderful men to provide the love, security and spiritual base that every parent wants for their child.  We cannot think of two more perfect individuals to raise your child in a loving, caring environment. 

God bless you and your child.

Tom & Lysa