Love. It’s all about love.

As Patrick and I began to seriously consider adoption I kept coming back to one thing: love. I know that we love each other. I know we love our families and friends. I know we love our faith and our God. But perhaps most importantly; I know it’s time for us to share that love with the newest member of our family, our little girl or boy. When our twin godsons were born a few weeks ago I saw the immediate click, that immediate love, in both Adam and Shawn. The love was instantaneous and overflowing. Perhaps it’s because we’re now on this journey, perhaps it’s because I’m a little older (and hopefully a little wiser), or perhaps it’s because I haven’t been there for a baby’s birth in many years but that love was so fast, so instinctual, so thoughtless. I know we’re ready to share that love. I hope you’ll give us that chance to share our love.


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