So many men seem destined to settle for something small. I won’t rest until I know I have it all.
— "Corner of the Sky" from Pippin

Sometimes life can present inspiration in the most unlikely places. Daniel and I recently had the chance to see one of my favorite musicals on its tour stop in Dallas. Out of nowhere, I was struck by an interesting thought. In this journey we have begun, how do you know if you are where you're supposed to be and if you're making the right moves? Are we on the right track?
'Pippin' is a coming of age story in which the titular character is lead through all of the major cornerstones of life, seeking the grand finale, something completely fulfilling. A life that can be described in superlatives. What he finds beyond the sequins and lights, all the razzle dazzle, is that, in his quest to do something meaningful with his life, he missed the point. The seemingly mundane home life he tried to run away from was where he was meant to be. That being in love and raising a family is life's opportunity for you to leave your legacy.

The "ordinary" life is yours to make extraordinary.  

We get asked all of the time why we have chosen to pursue adoption instead of surrogacy in our search for a child. The reasons are numerous. First and foremost, we have been blessed enough to have positive adoption experiences in each of our extended families. We've been able to see the process from beginning to end and see the overwhelming joy that comes from the union of a child who needs a place to belong and a willing parent opening their home and heart to be the matching puzzle piece. There is something extra special about putting your life aside to be the guiding hand and warm embrace of someone who isn't related to you by blood. To that point, there will always be children that need homes and families when circumstances have made it difficult or sometimes impossible for a mother to raise a child on her own. When one finds themselves in that position, the world may start to feel like it's closing in and there are limited options. Daniel and I want to have the opportunity to take their hand and say, "Let us be your best option." This child will be our something completely fulfilling, the chance to give a child the "extra" in their extraordinary life. 
“Everything has its season. Everything its time. 
Show me a reason, and I'll soon show you a rhyme.”

We hope and pray that this is our time and that we can give a child their own corner of the sky.

x P