For this, our first child, we don’t need a parachute. I know we have so many parachutes (our friends and family, whether down the street or across the country that are only a phone call away) but I want us to take that leap, together. 

On my birthday recently, Patrick and I took a literal jump out of an airplane. I’ve always wanted to go skydiving and he surprised me with it as a gift. It was such an awe-inspiring experience. I know parenthood will be an experience that’s even better. There are so many firsts with a new baby; smiles, giggles, rolling over, words and even worries about poop frequency. I know we’ll document all of these to the point people will be tired of the pictures and “new news,” but I know we’ll be great at it.

We’re ready to take this jump, expand our family and learn to grow as parents and people. To jump onto a ride that has no instruction book.

I pray you’ll bless us with the chance to take this jump. We don’t need a parachute, but we’ll be the best parachute we can possibly be for your and our baby. Much like we were strapped onto someone more knowledgeable than us about skydiving, I know we can be tandem instructors to a baby in the game of life. 


x D