I considered Daniel and Patrick my best friends before they knew me well. First impression, whether it be on paper or in person, means a lot to me. How is someone supposed to sum up a person and hit every awe-inspiring point about them? Honestly, you cannot. What you can do is offer up some helpful hints to highlight their life. With this, hopefully someone will be pointed in their direction.

Daniel and Patrick are honest, caring, down-to-earth, good hearted, faithful and God fearing men. It was no surprise that we called upon them to be the Godparents of our twin boys. That very night and into the morning they were researching how to be a good Godparent.  Nothing they did before the boys were born can compare to the generous unspoken actions they do now. Weekly dinners not only for my husband and I but they feed and tend to the boys while they are at our house. Laughs and good times are still shared between us, only to be interrupted by Daniel or Patrick saying, “Don’t get up, we got this.” At first I was stunned, but only the first couple of times. I see how far both Daniel and Patrick have come to be the gentlemen they are today and how the parenting instinct has come through them. It is practically second nature to them with our boys.

If all someone gets to see is this blog and these posts to decide a child’s future; I hope I gave you some great hints about Daniel and Patrick. They are two of my best friends that deserve a chance to be fathers. I can’t see my life without Daniel and Patrick next to my husband and me as we watch our boys grow up. I pray this doesn’t fall on deaf ears.


As always, friends forever.

x Shawn