Dear Birthmother,

First and foremost let me say thank YOU for making a birth plan for your baby and secondly for choosing adoption. I know that you are searching for a home that will provide love and stability and I can assure you that you would have that and more with Patrick & Daniel. As Patrick's aunt and the adoptive mother of two daughters myself, you can rest assured that our family is built on love and acceptance for every individual. I have watched them laugh and play with my daughters Emma & Abby and seen the love that they have for children and how happy they are to see them smile. My girls are always so excited to see them for every visit and even though we don't live in the same city, we see Patrick and Daniel several times a year. It's a journey long in the making that has lead them to this decision to adopt. I honestly believe with all my heart that they have a wonderful support system and will be great parents with unconditional love for a lifetime. Patrick & Daniel are very devoted to finding the baby that is perfect to complete their family. They are strong in their faith and know that you, their Birthmother is out there waiting to fulfill their dreams. Your courage and bravery in this choice is admirable and will always be honored by the father's to be! 

x Kristi (Patrick's Aunt)