New eyes. Seems like such a strange concept but one that I hope will make sense by the time I take my leave of this post.

We were recently lucky enough to travel to Washington, D.C. to be witness to the wedding of two of our wonderful friends, Todd & Roy. Being the vacationers that we are, we made the trip into a long weekend and spent days walking around all the monuments, museums and places that are both familiar and not in our Capitol. Several other friends were also able to join and it is their perspective that gave me the idea for this post.


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” -- Marcel Proust

Nearly four years ago when Patrick and I got married in D.C. I was blessed to watch him see the city, the monuments, the White House, and the museums for the first time. Growing up in West Virginia, only about four hours away, we had numerous field trips and visits with family and friends. I had seen nearly all of it before; some things many, many times. But with Patrick, it was all new. He wondered at the scale of Lincoln in his memorial, about the closeness you could actually achieve to places like the White House, and the amazing distance you must be prepared to walk from end of the National Mall to the other.

This time around we were able to spend some time showing other friends around, friends who had also never been to the city. We re-visited all the “big spots” that we had visited just a few years ago so that they could experience that same wonder. We visited new places together and we wondered together, we talked and debated about architecture and artwork, about layouts and shared our moaning of the pain in our feet.

I know Patrick and I are ready to share these new experiences with our future baby. To take them to see the things that are familiar to us: D.C., the beach, or Disney World. But also to places that we’ve never been, like the Grand Canyon, London, or Paris. I long for seeing that wonder and excitement in their eyes. I look forward to the days when we can teach them new things and when we can experience so many of the firsts that come with a new baby.

We’re ready to see things with new eyes.

x D