Dear Birth Mother –

I have known Dan and Patrick for nearly 10 years now and I can assure you that these are two of the finest men you will ever get to know and I can think of no one more deserving of a child.

Making the decision to entrust your child’s life in the hands of another is quite possibly the most difficult choice one will ever make.  Will they raise them well?  Will they be kind, loving, gentle, nurturing?  Will they raise the child with discipline?  What kind home life will this child have?

Sewing curtains, stitching hems, and preparing a delicious home cooked meal... these are things that a child will learn to do in the Donalson home.  Over the years, I’ve called upon Dan many a time to hem a pair of pants and he has always done so with the skill of learned seamstress.  Many evenings have been spent in the kitchen watching him put together the most mouthwatering dishes: meatloaf and mashed potatoes, braised beef with asparagus, French onion soup and quite possible the best fried chicken I have ever tasted.

Attending music festivals and concerts, discovering up and coming artists on YouTube ad listening to LPs on a record player… these are the things that a child will experience in the Donalson home.  I’ve always been a fan of music, but it wasn’t until I met Patrick that I really FELT music and appreciated its worth. I’ve shared many nights with him listening to every genre of music from a Capella and stage productions to old school rock and pop radio.

Together, Dan and Patrick will most certainly introduce their child to a world of art and culture and educate their little one on the finer things in life.   From creating beautiful homemade wall art to decorate their home and attending a Broadway musical at a local theater, to appreciating local street art while feasting at the food trucks in the park, your child will experience a variety of sights, sounds, and events that are sure to enrich their life and heart.

Your child, their child, will have a well balanced, fun, creative, and loving environment to call home.

With love,

x Becky C