The pursuit of happiness can be our savior or our undoing. I believe we are all born naturally curious and driven to explore the endless possibilities of the universe in search of a fulfilled life. Last year I wrote about this idea in a post about the story of 'Pippin' and how his search for an extraordinary life lead him to the realization that what he wanted most was right in front of him. I have been thinking on this again quite a bit lately.

A year into our pursuit of a family, we find ourselves having to make some significant decisions about our lives as individuals and together. Things that used to be a priority are now on the back burner as we learn to accept new challenges and realize what really matters when it comes to achieving the goals we've set for ourselves.

Personally, I have had an uphill battle to fight in the journey to complete my Bachelor's degree. However difficult it has been, I know that the sacrifices I am making will be worth it. I have never been more certain that this pursuit is not just one for my own happiness but is vital for the future of my marriage and my coming family. I want to be able to provide the best possible home for my child and to be able to prove that hard work and perseverance can make all the difference in the world. The added benefits to myself as an individual are just a bonus.

I have also had to learn that sometimes I have to put aside my own pride in order to do what is right for myself and my family. I want to teach my child that opportunity doesn’t always come calling when you’re ready for it. You have to step back and see the larger picture and be willing to take the leap if it aligns with your ultimate goal. In doing so you may fail, but it will be a chance to learn something.

Daniel and I are at a crossroads in our lives. We are both coming of age in a way that doesn’t really happen until you are past the chaotic nature of your teens and your 20s. You have the advantage of decades of knowledge and experience about life. We have been lucky enough to find each other so the journey doesn’t feel so lonely. I want to teach my child that relationships aren’t easy. Friendships and marriage can be hard worktimes, you have to learn to aim for what benefits the union over what benefits the individual. If you learn to listen to each other, anything is possible.

Unlike Pippin, we aren't aimlessly wandering in pursuit of self-fulfillment. We are creating our own path brick by brick, thoughtfully planned to negotiate the sinkholes that this life may set before us. The light on that path may be far off in the distance, but it is visible. So forgive us as we may struggle and complain from time to time. It’s all in pursuit of happiness. Our beautiful child, it’s all for you.

x P