As Daniel and I began our search to start an adoptive family over the last year, I've heard this phrase a lot: “If you wait until you're ready, it will never happen.” The assertion is that no one can ever be truly prepared for how parenthood will change their life. If you want a start a family, there's no time like the present and you will learn as you go.

Daniel and I have written many times on this blog about our best friends Adam and Shawn and their twin boys Ethan & Skyler. They recently entrusted us to babysit these two rowdy toddlers overnight in our home and it was a real eye-opener and hopefully good practice.

The day went a little something like this:

1:00PM: Arrived at Adam & Shawn’s and assisted in packing up the necessities and feeding Ethan & Skyler some lunch before heading out for the day.

2:20PM: Made a quick stop at our trusted local big box retailer for a few essentials. No, Ethan. We are not picking up new toys right now.

3:30PM: Back home and settled in for some play time before naps.

4:30PM: Naps interrupted by our lawn service. Skyler is NOT having it. Can you blame him?

6:00PM: With naps aborted and our little buddies getting grumpy, it's time for dinner. We jump in the car and head to a local Mexican joint. The boys enjoy some rice, beans, and chicken. Skyler starts the post-food-no-nap-sleepy-time-head-bob.

7:30PM: Time for milk and some play time before bed.

8:00PM: PJs are on and the boys are put down for the night. High fives all around.

8:05PM: Ethan is not ready for bed.

8:10PM: Ethan and I watch cartoons until snoozing starts… Oh and then he got sleepy too.

8:45PM: Bedtime success!

10:00PM: All is quiet. Time for Dan and I to head to bed.

1:00AM:   Ethan: “WHAAAAAAAAAAA”

                   Dan: “I'm coming little buddy!”

                   Me: Zzzzzz

5:00AM:   Skyler: “WHAAAAAAAAAAA”

                   Dan: “Patty… It's your turn.”

                   Me: “Zuh? OH! On it!”

7:30AM: Everyone is awake, alive, and enthusiastic.

9:00AM: After breakfast and morning play time, we attempt naps. Ethan and Skyler have decided they don't care for that idea. We consider skipping naps and getting everyone out the door to church. Dan and I start getting ready.

9:30AM: The twins have changed their mind. It's definitely nap time and no one is going anywhere.

11:30AM: Everyone is up again and it's time to pack up and head back home! Mission: Complete.

Now I know what you're thinking: “That's an easy day.” My response: Zzzzzz

When we were asked to be the Godparents of Ethan and Skyler, Dan and I were so overjoyed and honored. We have taken the role as seriously as if these boys were our own and have done our best to support Adam and Shawn in their upbringing. They haven't had an instruction booklet at being Dads, they have just taken it a day at a time.

I don't know if they realize this, but they have given us the greatest gift anyone ever could. The gift of experience. We have been able to observe and learn from their triumphs and mistakes. With their blessing we've even been able to have a 24 hour test run of our own parenting abilities. I can't think of anything more generous a gift than the affirmation we have in the path that we are taking. 

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