My mother wanted to write a note to her future grandchild. She thinks about us often and can't wait for Daniel and I to become parents. The sentiment brought a tear to my eye. Sometimes it's easy to get tunnel vision and think that our journey affects only the two of us. In reality, there is an army of love that is just as anxious and excited as we are. I know that when our child does arrive that they will know how much they were wanted and loved before they even came in to our lives.

x P

Baby Donalson, where are you?

Your Grandmom is looking for you. I am ready to cuddle with you as I do your cousins. Wonderful parents are waiting for you as well as a lot of family and friends. We are hoping and praying your Birthmom will find us. Be safe and come to us as soon as you can. We have so much love to wrap you in. We want to watch you grow and guide you to a full and happy future.

I love you before I know you.

x Grandmom Sue
Patrick and his mom Sue (aka Grandmom)

Patrick and his mom Sue (aka Grandmom)